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Hsin-Hsiang is the entrepreneur in InrayTek, an AI startup which built a breakthrough AI Expert System to make product innovation better, faster and easier. Hsin-Hsiang is a diversified entrepreneur, having vast experience in bringing new business across continents and specialize in bringing the business from 0 to 1 stage. Hsin-Hsiang has huge passion in the technology industry with experience in renewable energy, electric vehicles, 3D printing. He believes technology is the driving force to improve human life. Meanwhile, he cares about education issues, served as the board member of National Knowledge Development Association for developing youth talents, and the core team of Jumpstart program, the talent accelerator. Furthermore, he cares about art and culture, cofounding Swing Airlines to promote jazz culture, and cofounding DinJia Culture Creative Co. for developing local culture related business. He cofounding InterEurope group to connect Europe Alumni and InterEurope Connect to bridge Europe to Taiwan by media. His motto is "Let's go make the world into a better place."

Current Organization

Solution Manager, InrayTek

Highlights of Global Shapers Experiences

- Curatorship 2017-18

- ACM 2017

- Shaper Asia Pacific 2017

- Shape Asia 2016

- Mini-WEF in Taiwan 2017

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